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Colodigi logo remove backgroundDear Readers,

I am pretty sure that you would have seen some of my photo collection in colodigi.com. However, I also believe that you are still curious to know, what exactly is conveyed by this blog.

So, what exactly is the hallmark of this blog?

Well, as you have read in Me & Photography, and also in The Story of Colodigi, it was obvious that the content of this blog is a collection of my photo. It’s useless if the collection is getting a lot, just stored in the hard disk, or just posted on Facebook. For me, all the photos I took, has their own memories and stories. The photos were able to talk about the journey of my life activities. Thus, each photo will tell you what has been taped. So, that is the hallmark of this blog.

Then, where is the focus content of this blog?

I do not have a specific focus on content for this blog. For me, all the objects and themes, they have their own uniqueness. Obviously, I do not limit myself to certain objects and themes. So, this blog can cover many categories, such as: People, Animal, Plants, Landscape, Architect, Food, Tools, Transport, Blog, Info. Each category has a sub category.

Okay, that’s enough from me.  Thank you very much for your visit.


Jack Morino

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