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Me and Photograph

Hello! Greetings and welcome to you who are visiting colodigi.com, a blog about photography. Introducing, my name is “Jack Morino”, or simply just called me – Jack. My daily activity is working as a professional in the field of Sustainable Industry and Energy (EE, RE, Productivity). I will tell you later about the history about “my name”. I have a wife and two funny children. We live in a small town, Depok, which is located in the suburbs of Jakarta. Before returning back to Indonesia, I’ve spent about 5 years at a university in Japan as a researcher in the field of renewable energy.

Thus, it is clear that I am not a professional photographer. Moreover, I am not a person who requires special knowledge about photography. In essence, I am just an ordinary person, who loves the photography. For me, photography is just a place to channel the inspiration and creativity, or to take advantage of free time. Actually, I’ve been known for so long about photography. In fact, my family in the 70s in Padang, the had been in the business of photography. However, I have never got to the stage: love. So, what causes so I started to like photography?

Well, here’s the story! Everything, of course, there is the process. It was impossible to love for granted. It restores my memory when settled in Japan seven years ago, at which time the world of social media began to squirm. Through social media, I noticed that my friends around the world, many of them are showing the nice pictures. Many have already reached the advanced level; these evidences as the results of their work as professional. To be honest, the work of the experts is truly amazing.

However, there is also a beginner level, or in-learning level. However, I see the positive side of them, that is the spirit of joy and creativity. Join with the people who have the same focus and purpose, which intents to capture the beauty of moments, able to generate positive things from oneself. Then, since when I was getting a bit serious?

Initially, of course since I began to have a serious pocket digital camera, which was at the beginning of 2008. The camera is highly meritorious. It always accompanies me in Japan. Everywhere, I have always carried. Anyway, lots of fun and interesting stories about this camera (Later on, I will tell you more about this camera on another occasion). Although only had a pocket camera, I still many questions to those who have been using a DSLR. One aim is to reduce my fear. Frankly, there are some fears about the costs to be allocated when it fell in love with this DSLR. Until finally, I increase seriousness to buy a DSLR camera. I’ll also tell you how the process I asked and buy a DSLR camera. This course has another story. Be patient, I’ll tell you about this DSLR camera on another occasion. Many people wonder, where is the pleasure given by photography?

This is actually my first question as well. Indeed, it seems only take photos there and take another photo again here, and then see the results. I think, yes, it’s where pleasures. Moreover, we can capture a “moment” that is important. Moment it only appears once, and will never happen again. So, if you can capture the moment that, as we get a treasure. Of course, the technical composition factors shooting are also very important to note. Are there any benefits of photography? Initially, I was a bit cynical, consider the photography is just a hobby that is unimportant and useless. Apparently, after I involve myself in this world, then I started to get a lot of benefits. I cannot deny them. Well, here I will try to summarize some things.

First, I get more and more friends, especially friends who also love photography. Sometimes our relationship is getting familiar with our frequent hunting together somewhere. Second, the health of the body is also increasingly well maintained. Why? Yes, because often go hunting, which of course is like exercising a healthy way. Often outdoor activities also provide a balance for me, after a few days a lot of activity in the room. Third, increase the knowledge of the culinary list. This is certainly more exciting. Sometimes the object of photo hunted to a remote location, so that adds to the experience and about what is in one location. Each places, has a distinctive culinary types. If it were not for photography, we would not necessarily be able to visit an area. Fourth, inspiring, while the focus for hunting photography. I have to prove myself. Many opinion article that I published in some newspaper media, inspired while chasing an object of photography.

Actually, there are many more benefits I get from photography. What I have described above, are only some examples.

Again, thank you and regards,

Jack Morino

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