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The Story of Colodigi

Colodigi logo remove backgroundDear Readers,

Previously, I have never had a plan to have a blog about photography. Why? Well, as you know, I am not a professional photographer. I’m just someone who merely likes photography, with technical ability is still low. Also, I do not have much time to pursue this field.

With the passage of time, because I often hang out and hunting with friends who are more seriously pursue photography, I finally began to multiply the photo collection, with a variety of themes, various objects from different locations. Then, I started thinking, it is unfortunate that the photo collection is stored in the hard disk only. Although, occasionally I share some photos with friends on social media, like Facebook.

I began to think to reach friends more. Here, I’ve started to have the intention to create a blog, but still not confident with my abilities. I’m still not confident with the results of my photo. Moreover, I also do not know how to start a blog about photography.

Blog photography is different from other blogs. Then, I began to frequent visits to several professional photographer blogs. Frankly, I experienced two contradictory things. First, I am excited to start because I wanted to have a blog with a good work like them. Secondly, I am somewhat shrunken guts to see the results of their work, afraid that my work will be ridiculed by many people.

But, my resolve became stronger after I had read the blog of a famous photographer, who suggested like this; “If you are really serious in photography, although as a hobby or as a professional, then you immediately start with photography blog. Make a great blog, and then develop the blog content with your existing photo. Do not be timid to start. Indeed, from the comments and feedback from the people, we fix ourselves to learn more, so that we can be better. Famous photographers today, they also started from not knowing anything. However, the seriousness and confidence that they have, they always improve. Thus, they are able to produce beautiful photo works, as you can see today “. Finally, I have a strong determination to have a serious and nice blog about photography.

I am sure, you want to know, how is it that I chose the domain “colodigi.com”? Well, actually the process of obtaining this domain is not easy. For me, the name or the domain is essential. There are people who are so quick to get a domain name, but for me not. If not mistaken, I take about a month to decide this domain. The process was quite long and quite funny as well. There is an incident, I seem to have fit with a domain and ready to be purchased. However, a few hours later, I changed dramatically and decided not to buy the domain. This incident not only once or twice repeated, it may be almost ten times. Finally, I have already fitted with the domain of “colodigi.com”, as you can see it now.

So, what does it mean? Actually, there is no sense of anything. This is just an abbreviation of “digital color”. I take it “COLO” of the word “color”, and “DIGI” of the word “digital”. It is really simple and hopefully memorable by anyone; anyway, according to the modern technology of photography, namely color and digital.

That’s all from me, thank you for visiting my blog.


Jack Morino

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