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A Man From Sukabumi

A Man from Sukabumi

This photo reminds me back to a few years ago. Precisely, about in the middle of 2011, a few months before I return back to Indonesia. The model name is Mr. Ganda, a Kenshusei (trainee) from Sukabumi – Indonesia. We met at the School of the Republic of Indonesia in Tokyo (SRIT). When it was being held the entrepreneurial training, which was attended by a superb practitioner of Indonesia, one of them was Mr. Bob Sadino. This is one of the annual activities of an NGO of Indonesian citizens based in Tokyo, which is fully supported by Bank Indonesia’s representative in Japan.

The main target of this activity was the Kenshusei, as a preparation for them how to be a successful entrepreneur after returning home to Indonesia. Other Indonesian citizens, such as students and researchers, were also welcome to attend, to gain knowledge and experience of self-employed, directly from the experts. This activity was quite attracted many participants, even the number of participants exceeds that predicted by the committee.

Well, what stories and other stories, between me with this model? Well, there are two things that are was quite memorable for me. First, I managed to give encouragement to these models to buy a digital camera that is serious. Actually, he already had a plan to buy a DSLR, but did not know how. He confused to determine, where to start and the camera plus lens what to buy?

Secondly, I would like to try out the capability  of a manual prime lens , that I just bought from an online store. For your information, this photo was taken with Lens Nikkor 50mm F / 1.4. Actually, the lens mount did not suitable to be installed on the Nikon D90 digital SLR camera, which has F mount type. Thanks to the help of my friend, Zahrul Fuadi PhD, a professor from the University Syahkuala, Aceh – Indonesia, which were postdoc at Sendai University, which has helped in modifying the lens mount.

Just as an update, this photo was taken indoor, with a somewhat cloudy weather conditions. Frankly, this is my first experience in using this lens for a human object. For me, this is one of the great manual lens. I am grateful, have bought this lens with a low price.